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Research at the Business Administration & Economics Department


BAED Research strategy

  • Meet high international standards of excellence in research by increasing and advancing quality output, impact and engagement.
  • Produce and disseminate original and well executed research in business, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and economics.
  • Produce research with transformational impact on current business practices, business education, and the society with a focus on South East Europe.
  • Pursue synergies among members of staff and between members of the Department and academics from other departments of CITY College and from other Higher Education Institutions.
  • Follow a research-led teaching approach, which enables members of staff to better link their participation in research with their teaching interests.
  • Support SEERC in its aim to operate at the forefront of scholarly enquiry.



Research Interest Areas

Economics  Finance & Banking
Topics in: Monetary Economics, Exchange Rates, Financial Spillovers, Geopolitics and Foreign Direct Investment.

Staff Members
Dr Petros Golitsis
Dr Sotirios Bellos
Dr Efi Vasileiou


Management & Organization
Topics in: Strategy, Organization, Human Recourses, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Environmental Sustainability, Supply Chain Management and public Administration.

Staff Members
Dr Adrian Solomon
Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis
Dr Alexandra Prodromidou
Prof. Leslie Szamosi
Dr Giovanni Oscar Serafini


Topics in: Qualitative Market Research, New Phenomena in Marketing,  Consumer Behaviour , Relationship Marketing, Sustainability, Luxury Fashion and International Marketing.

Staff Members
Dr Alexandros Kapoulas
Prof. George Miaoulis
Prof. Leslie Szamosi






Funded research projects

TrainERGY (Erasmus+, Energy Efficient Operations, 2015-2018, 56 120 EUR)
REINVEST (Europeaid, Sustainable Transport, 2015 - 2018, 51 274 EUR)
iSTART (Erasmus+, Startups, 2016 - 2019, 41 610 EUR)
ATSIV (Erasmus+, NGOs, 2016-2019, 31 930 EUR)
FIT4RRI (H2020/SWAFS, Responsible Research & Innovation, 2017-2020, 215 750 EUR)
DIGI-GRENT (Erasmus+, Responsible Startups, 2018-2021, 54 045 EUR)
MIGRATE (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet, Refugees, 2016 - 2019, 64 000)
TeRRItoria (H2020/SWAFS, Territorial responsible innovation, 2019-2022, 164 750 EUR)
GRACE (H2020/SWAFS, Responsible Innovation, 2019-2022, 91 600 EUR)
PROSFET (H2020/MSCA, Sustainable Transport, 2017-2019, 40 500 EUR)
RETRACE (H2020/MSCA, Circular Economy, 2018-2021, 474 435 EUR)
HLX4EU (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2018 - 2021, 60 000 EUR)



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