English Language Support Unit: Learning Resources
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English Language Support Unit: Learning Resources

The Self-access English Language Learning Resources are part of the services offered by the English Language Support Unit (ELSU). You may find here further information about the ELSU and the services it offers.


WHAT... is the ELSU Collection?

The ELSU Collection is an assortment of resources that offers students the opportunity to study independently, either alone or in groups to improve their reading, speaking and listening English Language Skills. The resources include:

  • A range of general English language books.
  • Academic English course-books, including IELTS/TOEFL preparation materials.
  • Study & Teaching English language books.
  • English Grammar books.
  • English Literature books.
  • Multimedia material for self-study.
  • Multimedia equipment and facilities.


WHY... is the ELSU Collection important?

  • Focuses on language and academic skills improvement.
  • Develops academic fluency and literacy skills.
  • Supports the study for IELTS/TOEFL examinations.


WHERE... is the ELSU Collection located?

The main ELSU Book Collection is part of the “English Studies” Main Collection and is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of all Departments. Multimedia material may be requested from the Library Services Desk.


HOW DO I... find an ELSU Book?

Titles within this collection can be searched in OpenABEKT Online Library Catalogue. Use the Classification Number (ex. 428 AZA) to locate items on the shelves.  Books on a similar topic (ex IELTS books) are shelved at a similar place. Therefore, if you know the classification number of one relevant book, you will find on those shelves other relevant books, as well. 

If the item you need is a “Textbook” of “Recommended Reading” included in a Reading List of a Unit Syllabus it should be placed on the Reserve Collection and therefore not available for loan.


HOW DO I... borrow an ELSU Book?

You can borrow the majority of the items (three maximum) from the ELSU Collection with the exception of Textbooks and books included in the Reading Lists of Unit Syllabi. Books can be borrowed for two weeks and you can extend the loan by renewing either by approaching the Library Services Desk, by phone (2310 538560) or by email (library@york.citycollege.eu)

Remember that you cannot borrow without your Student ID Card.

If you cannot find the book you are looking for or have any other enquiry regarding the ELSU Collection, please ask at the Library Services Desk.


Booking to study using the Self Access English Language Learning Resources

To study using the Self access English Language Learning Resources you must ask to reserve The Project Room. Reservations can be made either in person with approaching the Library Services Desk. Alternatively, telephone (+30 2310 538560, 538961) and e-mail (library@york.citycollege.eu) bookings are also accepted. 


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