Research publications
Κολέγιο CITY College
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Research publications

The Information & Learning Commons (ILC) maintains a comprehensive collection of CITY College Academic staff research publications.


Research Publications

Print copies of research outputs are displayed at a special location in the library - “Key Publications” - and are available for reference use only. The collection includes books, conference proceedings, journal issues, articles and papers written and published by CITY College Academic Staff. These “key publications” represent the Institutional Repository of the College.

Items are arranged on shelves by:

  • Type of publication
  • Chronologically, by Year published
  • Alphabetically, by Author’s name

Alternatively you may use RefBASE, the CITY College web-based institutional repository and reference management software to connect to all the Research Publications and download the full text content, where available.


Books by SEERC

Print copies of conference proceedings and other print publications of SEERC are held at the “Reference Collection” of the Information & Learning Commons (ILC) and may be used for reference reading only within the premises.

A full list of all SEERC publications with bibliographic details and a brief description of each item may be found at book publications by SEERC.


Research at CITY College

Scientific research constitutes an integral part of CITY College's academic activities. The majority of the IF members are engaged in various research projects in collaboration with University professors, research institutions and private companies. The IF encourages research by creating a supportive research environment, evidence of which are:

SEERC: The South East European Centre, an international, not for profit research centre established by CITY College and is located in Thessaloniki.

Find out more about SEERC.

Research Studies: CITY College provides appropriate resources and training for students to undertake research leading to a higher degree. Research degrees involve independent study, assisted by a supervisor, and the production of a thesis.

Find out more about research studies.

Research Groups: There are several research groups that operate in CITY College academic Departments. The groups are formed by staff members who share common research interests and activities.

For specific information about the research activities & publications of each Department use one of the following links:


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